Complete security solution for your website

Get protection against hacking, malware, continuous scanning, malware cleaning and SSL certificate etc.

Uncover the security status of your website today

Get protection against hacking, malware, continuous scanning and malware cleaning.

You do not need to move your website or web hosting to be protected. You can lie behind the protection and optimization solution by only updating DNS on your domain. We can help you with that and it is done in just a few minutes. SSL certificate is FREE.


The security solution is used by Here’s an example that shows what the firewall has blocked in just one day on this insurance site.

Many believe that their hosting provider also can take care of the security.

It is not uncommon for web hosting companies to have this in their terms “We reserve the right to close websites that pose a security risk. If your site is hacked we will close the website immediately when this is detected and make you aware of the situation. The website will first be activated when it is proven to be cleaned and free for malware.”

A web hosting company is not a security expert and will therefore in most cases not be able to help if the company’s website is infected with malware. If they can help, you will then run the risk to pay a high price the hours they use. Most probably they will not manage to clean the site 100%. 

If you have our solution, we guarantee that if the website gets infected we will free of charge help to safely remove all malware code, spam keywords and links that have infected the site’s file system and databases. If one site gets hacked it may be marked by a warning by search engines like Google and antivirus companies. We will send a request to have this removed to ensure that your business website appears correctly in search engines.

We are experts in this and focus on your safety. We are there to help you if you are hacked!